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April 2016

Advantages of wearing uniforms

Setting a varied dress code can give a professional outlook to your employees, so why do many employers insist on a uniform? Well, studies show that customers are more inclined to do business with people who wear uniforms as they look professional and come across as knowledgeable and competent. Thus, uniforms have many underlying benefits for not just employees but the business as a whole. Here are some advantages of having your employees wear uniforms - Uniforms have set an…
March 2016

Uniforms for the wait staff

We have always seen the hospitality industry spending time and money over the look of the employees and representatives beyond the look of the brand's physical presence. After all, everyone wants to leave an impression on the good side. The staff uniforms also become a part of the visual identity of the company. Gone are the days where black and white was the dress code for the wait staff. Trends have changed and restaurant owners are now looking for more…
March 2016

How uniforms can create a lasting impression

''Don't judge a book by its cover'', but who does it! Especially in the service industry, where you're meeting customers day in and day out! People go by the first impression when they have to judge your trustworthiness and confidence. And so, a uniform does that magic of creating the right spark! It does wonders for you to represent a company and also the overall image of a company. It assures the customers and gains trust.  In addition to that,…
February 2016

The importance of uniforms

For some, wearing a uniform every day is like eating the same food day in and day out. Oh yes, it can also be monotonous, stop you from wearing your favourite clothes and leave you bored. The literal meaning of uniform is to be same, without any difference. But everyone is different. So why do organizations insist on wearing a uniform? The idea to make people wear uniforms came up to bring commonality amongst the members of an organization. It…
February 2016

Garments and Uniforms Design Dubai

Artisan’s main business involves Tailoring and Embroidery for uniforms across several sectors, of which prime examples are schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and construction companies. All garments are customized to the taste of the client, and we endeavour to keep outsourcing to a minimum by keeping most, if not all processes, in-house. This enables us to keep our prices competitive, and our quality verifiable. Established in the United Arab Emirates with its primary factory in Ajman, Artisan is a professional garments…