September 2016

How to measure the ROI of your company using uniforms?

working uniforms in dubaiThe title seems intriguing, doesn’t it?

However, it’s very much possible to measure your organization’s ROI by using uniform. We will explain how you can do that in a minute, but before that let’s see why it’s important to take uniform as your measuring grid.

Why use uniform as the measuring grid of ROI?

The main reason is very few people would do that. Take for example – airlines. In airlines, uniforms are mostly used as a predictor of success, but rarely any company measure their ROI by their employees’ uniform.

To give you a good idea about how this works is this – think back when you appreciated someone at KFC or McDonald? Now go deep and think why you appreciated that person? There are few things you must have noticed –

  • Uniform (cleaned, ironed and properly worn)
  • Smile and eagerness to serve
  • S/he reduced your effort as a customer and made you feel incredible about yourself

Now, let’s have a look at how you can measure the ROI.

How to measure your organization’s ROI using uniform?

This is simpler than you think.

In many studies, it was found that more people are involved and engaged in their job, better they serve their customers and better their productivity would be.

Now you may have used many tools and techniques to measure your ROI. Try this as an experiment –

Ask few of your employees to wear casual for a quarter and measure their productivity. The rest of the employees would wear the proper uniform and measure their productivity as well for a quarter. Now compare the productivity of these two groups. You would see that people who would wear uniform would be much more productive at their job than those who would wear casuals for 3 months.

Here’s why.

Whenever few employees would wear casual, they will feel out of place. Thus, they won’t be able to connect with the customers and would not feel the belongingness to serve better. Whereas, the employees who would wear proper uniform would feel much more connected with their job and thus would perform better.

If you’re looking for a formula, here it is –

ROI (Using uniform) = Difference of output from people who are in uniform and people who are not in uniform / Money invested on uniform for people (on pro-rata basis for people who would wear the uniform for a quarter).

So what would be your conclusion from this experiment?

First of all, it’s important for your employees to feel connected with the job they do. If they don’t feel that they belong to the place, their performance would drop assuming that the other factors remain constant.

Second, employees should feel united to achieve a common goal. In the above experiment, employees who would wear casuals wouldn’t be able to feel united because of their attire. Thus if they are entrusted with the work as a team, they won’t perform as good as their peer group who would wear proper uniform.

Third, you will also see different response from your customers. Customers get affected subconsciously to an employee who wears proper uniform. Imagine that you’re at a counter in Airlines and you see an officer wearing a casual without any badge or uniform. Wouldn’t you enquire about his suitability at that place before showing the ticket and identity proof?

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