September 2016

6 must have parts of professional chef’s uniform

hotel uniform of a chefLet’s say that you’re opening a restaurant and you need world-class chefs at your restaurant. However, this is your first time and you don’t know what sort of uniform you need to choose for your chefs. You need to choose the best uniform as the uniforms will ultimately make you stand out from your competition. What should you do then?

Here are 6 must have parts of professional chef’s uniform which will help you make your mark as a restaurant owner –

  • Apron: For a chef, wearing a uniform is completely different. She doesn’t wear a particular type of clothes to only propagate the brand of the organization, rather conveying the message that she is an expert in culinary skill. And the first piece of a professional chef’s uniform is apron. Apron is very easy to use and it also helps the chef to protect her clothes from any stains. Apron with pockets help the chef keep necessary instruments near.
  • Fire resisting clothing: The chef must wear fire resisting cloth. Because the only thing that is always near the chef is the over and to protect the chef from any mishap, it’s important that he wears something safe and which prevents fire from picking up.
  • Long sleeves: As the chef always handles hot liquid and cooks on fire, it increases the chances of getting burned. Wearing long sleeve may sound ridiculous, but it’s an absolute necessity for a chef to protect himself from getting burned. A chef’s jacket would be a perfect companion in this sort of situation.
  • Great footwear: You would agree that your chef adds brand value to your restaurant. So whenever she walks across the hallways, the blokes sitting at the restaurants should feel that she is a royal cook and she signifies class while wearing your brand name on her uniform. Moreover, there are other reasons as well. Wearing a great footwear will allow her to stand for longer period of time and will also protect her toes from any hazards like dropping of sharp instruments or spilling hot liquids.
  • Hair restraints: It’s wise to choose a particular hat for your chef. There are basically two reasons for which your chef should wear hat. First, it will prevent the hair from getting mixed up with the meal; that means there will be satisfied customers praising your food for healthy meals. Second, without a hat, long hair can catch fire easily. For the chef’s safety as well, it’s important to wear a hat.
  • Hand towel: Yes, this may not be part of the chef’s uniform, but it’s one of the most important things for a chef who prepares meals all day long. To help the chef, you should buy some kitchen towels in bulk and ask your chef to use them whenever necessary. The chef can also use a hand towel as part of her uniform. You can ask how? She can wear it on the belt of the apron.

These are the 6 must have parts of personal chef’s uniform. These will not only help your chef become safe, but it will also help you show class of your restaurant.

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