October 2016

Looking for smart hospitality total uniform packages for your hotels?

Sourcing hotel uniforms for your various needs may be cumbersome, because you may have multiple vendors who don’t always deliver as per the commitment and ultimately as a manager/owner of the hotel, you need to bear the consequences.

What if you can get a vendor who will always be at your aid and will always under-promise and over-deliver?

Would you like to try that vendor?

Yes, the name of the organization which can provide you with world class uniforms for all you needs for the hotel is Artisan.

Artisan has been in uniform business for decades. And they understand the customer preference is of the greatest importance. Thus, they will craft uniforms for you as you want for whatever needs you think you have.

Here is a brief overview of what Artisan can deliver if you’re looking for uniform packages for your entire hotel –

Front Desk: Your front desk will ultimately attract or detract your business. Why? Because your front desks give first impression to the potential customers about whether to stay in the hotel or not. Even if you provide your front desk professionals with world class training, they won’t be able to create a lasting impression if their uniforms are not world-class. So you can understand how valuable it is for your front desk employees to look smart. Artisan can provide you with four types of uniforms for your front desk.

  • Front Desk Suits: Not every hotel makes the choice of including suits to front desk uniform! But that’s a mistake. As we judge the worth of people by looking at their clothing, if you can include a great looking front desk suit in the uniform, it would be a great value addition for your hotel.
  • Hotel shirts:This is the basic need of every front desk professional of your hotel. So offer a great range of hotel shirts to your front desk professional so that they feel tremendous about themselves and as a result serve the customers better.
  • Dresses: Many hotels don’t go for usual shirts and suits. Rather they want their own dresses to be made for their front desk executives. In that case, Artisan can create such dresses for your hotel exactly the way you want.
  • Women’s uniform skirts: If you are prudent, you should have more female executives at your front desk than males. So if you recruit few gorgeous women for your front desk, make sure you take care of their uniforms as well. With properly stitched uniform skirts you would never go wrong while offering the best uniform for your front desk female employees.

Dining: This is another sensitive place where customers make judgements of whether to visit the hotel again or not. So your responsibility as a hotel manager is to give your customer a wow experience. If you ask Artisan as your uniform partner, half of your worries would be over; because Artisan will provide you the right line of clothes for your waiter and waitress to look magnificent in front of your customers.

  • Uniform Pants: Whenever the waiter or waitress serves the food on the table, customers don’t see the faces always; because they get busy in prattle. While talking to their partners or peers, they look at the clothes waiter or waitress wears. So uniform pants are of immense importance. And Artisan can give you the most elegant ones.
  • Restaurant Vests: This is the favorite cloth of waiters and waitresses. Why? Because when they wear it, they not only look fabulous in it; they also look very much professional and authentic. So you need to pay enough attention to the vests they wear as a part of their uniform.
  • Restaurant aprons: Many waiters or waitresses wear aprons. There is a significant reason behind it. Whenever they serve they deal with a lot of hot liquid and So they need to protect their uniforms from the external issues. And that’s the reason they love to wear aprons while serving. And Artisan would love to provide you with great restaurant aprons.

Rooms & Grounds: This is another place where customers rate the hotel. If you own a hotel or a manager of the hotel, you would know how important it is to make every room look clean and every housekeeping staff look stunning. Your customers would judge your service on the basis of your housekeeping staffs. If they are not well groomed and don’t wear clean, smart looking uniforms, then your customers will perceive your service as average even if you know your service is world class. Why compromise then? Go for the best housekeeping uniforms from Artisan. Yes, every hotel has different set of preferences and tastes. Artisan will look into them and will manufacture the right kinds of uniforms for your housekeeping staffs.

Spa & Bell uniforms: Most hotels don’t pay much heed to their spa and bell because they feel that it’s only for people who maintain a certain level of standard. But now everyone can afford to go to your spa and enjoy. So you need special care about the hotel guests’ robes not only for your affluent customers, but also for people who have come to your hotel for the first time. Other than guest robes there are other uniforms as well. For example, you need uniforms for casino and for spa. Your employees who will serve as bellmen should also have excellent uniform. Connect with Artisan, and you don’t need to worry about uniform at all.

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