November 2016

Why Artisan is the best work-uniform company in Dubai?

work uniform company dubai

Artisan understands what customers want. Not because they are busy in creating reports after reports on what the market says; rather they listen to their customers and act on what the customers prefer. This single thing has changed everything for Artisan. From a starting company in a decade ago, Artisan has now become the best uniform company in Dubai.

Do you want to know why Artisan could take that leap from being a mediocre start-up to a transformational company who wins with their customers? Here are the answers.

  • They design world class clothes: They focus on one thing which has ultimately become their competitive advantage. They make world class clothes. No matter what you are looking for in uniforms or clothing, Artisan has an answer for you.
  • They believe in win-win: They don’t want their customers to lose. Because they know if their customers lose, the ultimate loss is theirs. They want their customers to win. Winning means they want their customers to feel incredible while wearing and gifting the clothes they make. And that’s how Artisan wins, always with their customers.
  • They want to get better, always: Being complacent is the death of innovation. You can’t be both complacent and world class. To remain world class, you need to improve continuously and work upon the things that aren’t as good as your best things are. The world class company doesn’t get complacent with success. They become hungrier with it. And Artisan is one such company which improves in spite of their success and also because of it.
  • They wanted to be the best: World-class organization doesn’t stem from mediocre attitude. When Artisan was just a start-up, they wanted to become world-class. And now a decade later, they are, indeed, world-class.
  • They don’t equate value with price: If you would visit a showroom, you would see that there are branded companies charging three-four times more of what non-branded companies charge. The quality may be the same, but the branded company charges more. This is not true with Artisan. You will get quality in a reasonable good price because Artisan doesn’t equate value with price. Price is simply cost of production plus decent profit. But value is something that makes a customer smile. And no-one can put a price tag on customer satisfaction.
  • They love what they do: This is the last piece of the puzzle. Artisan nurtures employees who love what they do and thus, they have become what they intended to be, a world class organization.

Now, the question remains what types of work clothes Artisan make which has an everlasting impact on their clients? This is one of the most important questions potential clients ask Artisan. Here’s what Artisan makes to wow their customers under the work-uniforms –

  • Uniform Shirts: Artisan has mastered the art of making uniform shirts. They create perfect-fit, several coloured shirts for your organization that will soothe your employees and will wow your clients. You would agree that it’s important to look significant if you want to create a magnificent impact. Once you choose Artisan to design and manufacture uniform shirts for you, you can relax and focus on what matters in your company (maybe conversion) and Artisan will take care of the rest. You can choose whether you want short sleeve or long sleeve; you can also choose the size. And you will also be able to ask Artisan to design the clothes which most uniform company doesn’t entertain. And if you purchase in bulk, you may avail a heavy discount as a gift from Artisan.
  • Ladies Fitted ¾ Sleeve Uniform Shirts: Artisan not only creates amazing uniform shirts for men, they are equally good in creating great uniform shirts for women. And when you are looking for uniforms, both for men and women, then ladies fitted ¾ sleeve uniform shirts can be a perfect style symbol for your women employees. In this case also, you will be able to choose several sizes, various colours and the design you want. Moreover, you will also be able to avail bulk discount if you purchase more of these world class uniform shirts just for the ladies in your company.
  • Dress Uniform Shirts: What would you buy for your employees who represent your company outside the territory of the organization? Let’s say you are buying uniform shirts for your sales team; what would you prefer? They need to look smart, corporate and at the same time, they should convey the values your organizations would like to communicate to your potential customers. If you want your clients to feel good about your organization, you need to take responsibility. And with a simple tweak you can portray your greatness to the world around you. How? Connect with Artisan and try out their dress uniforms both for your men and women employees who represent you/ your organization in public. You will get smart uniform shirts with various colours and in different sizes. Moreover, these shirts won’t need ironing; that means each time your employees will wear them, they will look stunning in them and as a result, they will convey your impeccable standard to the public. You would be able to customize your dress uniform shirts and after the manufacture, they would look exactly the way you want. In these sorts of uniform shirts also, you will be able to avail heavy discount.

Artisan is one of the rare companies that always under-promises and over-delivers. Don’t believe in these words. Try Artisan and you would see for yourself what world-class would look like.

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