December 2017

5 Reasons Why School Uniforms Are Necessary

A uniform may not be everyone’s cup of tea but when it comes to schools, it can be seen as a necessity. For many, a school uniform is a badge of pride and a symbol of being part of an organization.

School Uniforms

Most schools, if not all, in Dubai require students to wear a standard uniform. While this may be a hassle for the parents who have to purchase sets enough for the week, there are severalconsiderations on why it should be mandatory. Here are some reasons why school uniforms in Dubai are necessary for the increasingly progressive education sector.

It creates a school identity.

Perhaps one of the most notable things about having a uniform is establishing a school identity. Uniforms are notable pieces that people recognize. A particular style reflects and speaks of the school. Thus, with students wearing the same uniform, they are representatives of the school and with this, they wear it with pride.

It avoids competition.

Bullying is one of the biggest problems that school administrators face year after year. Implementing a school uniform helps avoid competition. With school uniforms in Dubai, students won’t be able to compare their clothing, accessories, and brands and thus avoiding peer pressure. In fact, a uniform puts all students from different backgrounds on the same level.

It signifies unity.

The same set of uniforms for students not only helps students avoid peer pressure but it is also a symbol of unity and solidarity. One school, one uniform, one student body. Additionally, uniforms allow students to be identified in the same way with one another and leave no student out because of the way they dress.

It gives students a sense of belonging.

When you dress up like everyone else, you feel like you belong. The same is true for students. Give students a sense of belonging by implementing a school uniform. This will not only teach them to dress smartly and appropriately but it will also train them for the future when they have to dress up for work and have uniforms at their offices.

It helps create a safe environment.

School safety is a huge priority for both administrators and parents. Implementing a mandatory school uniform not only creates a safe space for students wherein comparisons and bullying are reduced but also identifying non-students of the school. With uniforms, it would be easier to spot outsiders among the student body!

Though school uniforms vary in among institutions, one thing remains true—uniforms have their benefits. However, there is a debate whether or not establishing a school uniform is financially friendly. At Artisan Garments, we provide schools and parents the best school uniform quality in Dubai at affordable rates. Artisan Garments is one of the leading school uniform suppliers in Dubai for our high-quality school uniforms, prompt delivery, and unbeatable prices.

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