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December 2017

5 Reasons Why School Uniforms Are Necessary

A uniform may not be everyone’s cup of tea but when it comes to schools, it can be seen as a necessity. For many, a school uniform is a badge of pride and a symbol of being part of an organization. Most schools, if not all, in Dubai require students to wear a standard uniform. While this may be a hassle for the parents who have to purchase sets enough for the week, there are severalconsiderations on why it should…
November 2016

Why Artisan is the best work-uniform company in Dubai?

Artisan understands what customers want. Not because they are busy in creating reports after reports on what the market says; rather they listen to their customers and act on what the customers prefer. This single thing has changed everything for Artisan. From a starting company in a decade ago, Artisan has now become the best uniform company in Dubai. Do you want to know why Artisan could take that leap from being a mediocre start-up to a transformational company who…
October 2016

Looking for smart hospitality total uniform packages for your hotels?

Sourcing hotel uniforms for your various needs may be cumbersome, because you may have multiple vendors who don’t always deliver as per the commitment and ultimately as a manager/owner of the hotel, you need to bear the consequences. What if you can get a vendor who will always be at your aid and will always under-promise and over-deliver? Would you like to try that vendor? Yes, the name of the organization which can provide you with world class uniforms for…
October 2016

A brief history of uniform and how it evolved

Uniform delivers a message. It says that we are one and we belong to one place to achieve a common objective. But do you know how it came to being? How it evolved? And how it started in every sphere of profession? In this article, we will look different walks of life and go back years to discover the history of the uniforms. No matter who you are, a student who is still studying in school, professional who is working…
September 2016

How to measure the ROI of your company using uniforms?

The title seems intriguing, doesn’t it? However, it’s very much possible to measure your organization’s ROI by using uniform. We will explain how you can do that in a minute, but before that let’s see why it’s important to take uniform as your measuring grid. Why use uniform as the measuring grid of ROI? The main reason is very few people would do that. Take for example – airlines. In airlines, uniforms are mostly used as a predictor of success,…
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